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18 January 2008

Attacking the Bohemian Rhapsody

The Sinulog activities suddenly give me the opportunity or should I say opportunities to go out despite the limited funds. Friends from outside Cebu and those coming home from work abroad give me treats in the form of dining out and almost always getting drunk in the wee hours of the morning.

One place we curiously go is called Alejandro’s in Capitol Site. It used to be a steak house, I believe, but now it is reinventing itself to become the “it” bar despite the seedy location.

The place is painted white and almost everything in there is white, giving an atmosphere of cleanliness. The waiting staff is dressed in black and white. The music is cool, not too soft and not too loud. I hope the atmosphere would not be that deafening this Sunday when the live band will perform.

We ordered a pulutan of chicken sticks which come in crispy and just right for the cold SanMig Light. The service is impeccable and fast. Even when I wave my hand to emphasize a point, a waiting staff readily came and asked if there was a problem. That is so fly.

After getting drunk and wanting to refresh ourselves, we go to Carlos Batchoy at the Boulevard in Capitol area. Now the place is quite homey but the batchoy they serve us is not satisfactory. Aside from the greasy soup, it was not that hot, which most drunks would appreciate to have to aid perspiration.

But as expected of drunks, we eat it without complaining.

Tomorrow we will assail Mango Square with the energy of a teenager.


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