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14 January 2008

Attention Web Owners, Designers and Entrepreneurs

If you have a website that promotes products and you want a shopping cart on it, then ASHOP COMMERCE is the highly recommended site to purchase it.

Today’s proliferation of e-commerce enables the shopper to “shop” right from his computer via internet and the small medium enterprises to promote their products of world-class standards. What is shopping cart in the today’s hi-tech lingo? Remember your trip to the shopping mall? The shopping cart is created to imitate the shopping cart in the mall and department stores and works just like that. Only better this time. While you do the shopping, the software automatically adds up your purchases and informs you of the total amount, including shipping and handling of the goods, to where it should be delivered.

Isn’t that cool?

You can actually balance your finances right there and then, assuring you that there are no hidden charges with your online purchases.

ASHOP COMMERCE offers the right pricing package for your shopping cart in your online store. If you visit the site, you can even test-drive their product for ten days FREE! ASHOP’s assurance for affordable and easy shopping solutions have them awarded Best Technology in Small Business in Australia.

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