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15 January 2008

Jo's Chicken Inato is Consistent

Yeah you read it right- Jo's Chicken Inato is consistent with their slow service. I've visited their branches in Tagbilaran, Dumaguete, Cebu and just a few hours ago- Jo's Chicken Inato in Boulevard Capitol.

From the moment you sit at their tables, you have to wait until they get your order. Of course that is the best thing to happen, but waiting longer than 10 minutes even if there are only five tables occupied? That is gross! Even getting your bill is quite slow.

What I hate most with Jo's is their munching waiters. Yeah they are munching like rabbits or rats while waiting for you to order. They are munching when you ask for more rice. They are munching when you get your bill. As if they are actually eating your orders.

What happened Jo's?


chie said...

Tinuod jud na Koy. Mamuti imong mga mata og hulat.

Isagani Sabado said...

hahahahaaha laughed my ass of with this one! sakto ka dik atleast consistent sila diba?

Anonymous said...

that's not true...