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27 January 2008

Ewww To The Maxxx

I am not against gays even if they go to extremes. They wear women's clothes. It is okay. They wear makeup. It is okay. They bash everyone. It is okay. But what I really hate about gays is when they extremely do things which is done in private. Kissing or smooching, for example.

I was with gay friends at The Cove in Cabanas along Juana Osmeña having a great time drinking and teasing everyone. Suddenly two of them went french-kissing in front of the crowd. I said to myself, Hey this is normal nowadays! I am just a hypocrite. I am just a conservative Pinoy.

But their smooching has become so much of a bother to me so I said that they must stop what they were doing. But they never listened.

I felt creepy. Like, am I the only weird alien here? Was it just me? Were they that pathetic? Ow c'mon, never tell me because they love each other so much they have to do it in public. It was a lame excuse jackass. Loving each other is different from showing your weirdness in public.

Anyways, I still believe that what you do in private, not considering your sexual preferences are, should be done in private, no matter how appealing you are in person. It is not like, when you have it, show it. Heterosexual partners can be excused. I am biased. I am a fucking gender insensitive. Call me whatever names you like but really, when these aliens smooching in public were not of the best of the line, who would cheer them up? Bald. Chubby-type. Old. Smooching in public. Ewwww.

Believe me, it sucks.

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Anonymous said...

i am gay and i dont have problems dealing with gays. i agree with u..kissing shud be done in private. they also have to consider that we'r living in a very conservative environment. and i guess thats also one problem that gay people (minority grp) has less support from majority group because of the shit things and attitude that theyv shown in public. if we gays want to accept as who we are i guess we should also act decently. some gays are like sluts..poor taste in fashion. if i were you

if malaki katawan mo at ugly face pa better if magbihis lalaki k n lng. dont dress up and act like a lady because "social cancer" kang tingnan. ang problema kasi niyan people have the tendency to generalize gay people. nadadamay kami sa kapangitan mo...ok?

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