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15 January 2008

Life is Beautiful (Especially When Everything is Cheap)

Rex asked me to go with him downtown to look for that place where everything fashionably Korean is a bargain. I heard of that store too, but I never got interested because I don't have the money to buy stuff I would like.

Now that somebody is willing to splurge despite of the fact I won't be having my share hahahaha, I went with him.

The Superstar Enterprises-something is a big place. Damn! I even forgot the name of the store. But I am sure it is right across Sogo Hotel in Sanciangko Street, Cebu. The items there are generally cheap and really fashionable. The t-shirt ranges from 150-299. The jackets, very cool jackets, are priced at 480. The hip jeans are 150-499! I am talking here of Pesos my friend, not dollars. Aren't they cheap? There are also bags, belts, caps, borloloys, etc. And all for men!

When I have all the money, I will go back.

After Rex has finished his shopping we ate at Kara's Chicken just across the Korean store. He told me the place is highly recommended by friends because it is worth the money. Most students prefer to eat here because the food is cheap.

I saw tons of chicken legs/drumstick being fried in a boiling pan of oil so I expected to eat a greasy chicken. We fell in line. I saw a foreigner (white man) already picking his teeth at the table. At 3 o'clock in the afternoon, I never expected that people would be eating lunch here. Of course that would excuse me because I only eat once a day. This meal would be my breakfast, lunch and dinner.

We paid 128 pesos for our food! The meal consisted of 2 pieces chicken leg, 8 puso (rice), two cups of fried crispy and hot dilis with vinegar, papaya salad, 1 piece fresh lumpia, and 2 12-ounces softdrinks. Isn't that cheap?

After burping, we decided to go somewhere in Gaisano South because there is another Korean store there. But we have circled the whole block and still we haven't seen it. So we go to the pirated movies arcade instead and bought I Am Legend.

Contented, we went home tired, watched Will Smith and got drunk.

Simple life is beautiful.



chie said...

According to my father, Taiwanese daw ang owner anang Superstar Enterprises. Alin ba talaga Taiwanese or Korean? hehehe...

Edik said...

di ko rin alam. tagalog palaka chie?