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07 January 2008

Blog For Money at

This is an awesome offer to bloggers- to blog for money. Imagine yourself blogging while earning dollars on the side!

The Friend, having seen that I always do blogs, suggested I register myself to Smorty, a service that connects advertisers in the Net to bloggers like me. Being an internet savvy and at the same time a programmer, The Friend has been surfing money-making deals in the Net and tried Smorty but was denied for reasons he did not know. Maybe blogging for money or blog advertising is not for The Friend.

So I tried.

Within 72 hours (that’s three days my dear, so be patient) emailed me informing me that I qualified to blog for money with them. Cool, I said. But when I visited their site, it means I have to do some advertising myself to earn those mighty dollars. So expect that my blogs will have advertisers from now on. Hmmm, it means no more freebies nowadays. It further means that I have to blog for money all the time to get paid! Isn't that boring?

So now I am working, so to speak. Blogging for money! Or is it begging for money? Hehehehe.

So bloggers, if you want to blog for money, please visit the site for details or click on the link below or at the sidebar on my blogspot.

Blog Advertising - Get Paid to Blog

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