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28 January 2008

Not So Hot Night at The Wineshop

I was here before at this Spanish-owned bar called The Wineshop along Gorordo St. I had a great time the last time we visited. But last night the place was boring as counting sheeps. What happened? Maybe because it was a Sunday? Or maybe because the waiting staff there were new and bored too?

When we arrived the staff just looked at us. Some looked the other way. We dressed right I am sure of that. I was wearing a shirt and jeans and shoes. My companions were properly dressed as well knowing The Wineshop posted a sign at their windows that sleeveless shirts were not allowed. But we saw some Koreans there like they were about to sleep at the bar. Short-shorts and slippers and yeah, sleeveless shirts. Looked like money mattered after all. Hmmm.

A white alien came in, tagging along with him were three angels of the night. The way they dressed made me realize they were such. The waiting staff accommodated them. What was happening?

We called the small waitress at the corner. She gave us a menu and left. We called her again and we ordered one bottle of white Spanish wine, semi-sweet. It came in floating in a plastic bucket of ice. Huh? Plastic? My companions said, But the foreigners at the other tables had stainless steel buckets! I said, They knew this is all we can afford.

And so we rushed our drinks and said our goodbyes.

We were planning to have a bottle each. Sayang.


Miki said...

aliw ako sa itsura ni long hair
naka-cross arms
parang bored to death

Edik said...

a friend of mine wrote:

"i like what you have to say about that wine shop. the last time i was i back home was 1995 and i notice it everywhere. the hired help of the so called "sosyal" places always discriminate the locals especially if you don't have the signature attires. they always give special treatment to foreigners. why is that? we definitely have to talk over a nice bottle of merlot. don't worry i will bring it from Napa Valley. I will be there next year in July."

i didn't know what and how to answer. maybe because we filipinos love to serve foreigners so much so that we tend to forget our kababayans who are also paying customers?

i just don't know why locals would prefer foreigners for a customer when locals are the most behaved of them all. in fact we (locals) are the ones really patronizing local bars and restos.

maybe because of the tip? but of course pinoys would love to give tip when something special is done by waiters. some pinoys don't give tips because of the lukewarm treatment of the staff. what you give, you got.

when can we pinoys ever learn?

YAM said...

hehehe, eh di naman kasi ako mahilig uminom. whaaaa.. kahit wine ang pait.. :p