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06 January 2008


Finally I’ve seen Sakal Sakali Saklolo.

The Friend finally gave in to my impulse-walking (is there such term?). Being stuck in a cramped room for the rest of the week, I have this intense desire to walk no matter where just to breathe fresh air once in a while.

But The Friend insisted we go see a movie after the usual walk. Having no other options, we chose Sakal.

The movie is relatively funny and loud to some extent I suffered a bad headache in the middle of the show. The actors were good, generally, with some impossible scenes like Rafa growing up already but Bronson, Rafa’s uncle remained the child he was when Rafa was born, his growth retarded.

I recommend this to everyone especially those planning to get married just like The Friend. The terrible in-laws, the KSP nanay, the overprotective parents and grandparents, the close-knit family, the chatterbox of a wife (the reason of my headache) all forming the culture that is so Filipino.

We went out smiling. But I still had a bad headache when I finally got home.


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