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14 January 2008

Carnival! Carnival! Carnival!

Look honey oo let’s go na to the karnibal… Bery chip.

We have a great laugh when we saw a young, tall and handsome white man tagging along a short and dark Filipina whose face could only mean her mother is her only fan (I hope the foreigner really liked her). This is one of the wacky moments we encounter when two great friends treated me to a once in a lifetime experience today.

Carnival! In Pinoy lingo- peryahan.

After watching National Treasure: Book of Secrets, Rex and Mark and later Rose (a Korean-looking Pinay and a friend of Rex’s) decided to bring me to Jones Avenue and experience the rides at Mary Rose Grand Carnival. (It was not Rose's carnival, of course.)

Never in my childhood, not once ever, did I experience getting into carnival rides. When I was in the elementary, I remembered we were brought to a carnival who showed up during our town fiesta. We were allowed to see magicians and contortionists and fire eaters only but not the rides. It gives me the creeps now because of the fact that I am still a virgin with them. With the rides, I mean. Especially Ferris wheels.

But today, before turning 40 on February, I told myself I should go.

Although miniature in size, the Ferris wheel ride was still an experience to remember. And not satisfied, I suggested we go for more rides but Rose was adamant with the Horror Ride because she is terrified with man-made monsters. So off we go to a more tame ride where we yell because it was bumpy and torturous experience but still fun!

The truth is I can’t tell the difference between best and worst ride because I never have previous experiences to compare with haha.

After a heavy rain and playing darts (prize: very small Moby Caramel Puff) we went to Fuente-Osmeña and have halo-halo at Chowking. We went home laughing.

As a matter of fact, I am still hyper at 3:00 in the morning because of the event. I am blogging this so that it will be recorded in my history book.


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