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07 January 2008

When the Old Tagbilaran Dies

You will see the real Tagbilaran when an old member of the family of an old clan dies.

A Butalid, for example.

When Ma’am Patching Butalid, our Science teacher in college died, the real Tagbilaranons, the old clan of Tagbilaran came flocking. The Butalids, Clarins, Torralbas, dela Sernas, Rochas, attending the ceremony.

And sadly when you see them, we can justly say that the old Tagbilaran is getting older but not wiser.

The demise of old clan members is the demise of old Tagbilaran. Historically, they are the clans that made Tagbilaran for what it is now. But just like them, the old city is being phased out. Old structures, if not renovated, are gone to give way to new concrete buildings. Historical buildings are “renovated” and bastardized.

The old Tagbilaran you wish to see is obscured by the noise of machines and technology. Roads remained unattended so that traveling by tricycle is a pain in the ass, literally. Even nature suffered. Tagbilaran is noted by the Lonely Planet travel guide as a polluted city. And worst, they even trimmed down the trees at the Plaza Rizal to discourage the birds that flock to the plaza everyday from coming back. The peaceful city is no longer safe for a walk at night because killings are happening even to innocent habal-habal drivers. And they have not been solved yet.

So much have happened in Tagbilaran that sooner its "history" will die a natural death, just like the old clans.

Or is it starting over again?


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Chie said...

I love Bohol. It captivates my heart.