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01 January 2008

The Great New Year Escape

Spending the New Year 2008 was like escaping from the cold front. The person I was staying with was as cold as winter and not talking to me. Being an advocate of world peace and old enough to realize the difference between celebration and indifference, I chose to run away from the house and spend the New Year with friends whose parents I considered my parents and the food they ate were the food I ate too.

It really matters. Honest.

Last New Year 2007 I also spent welcoming the year with former friends gallivanting around the city. These friends were not of decent backgrounds I tell you. They were my drug addict friends, of questionable backgrounds and just as poor as I am. But New Year was never as happy.

Back then when I was younger, welcoming the New Year with the family was just as simple as waiting a new day. We went to the evening mass, went home after and slept. Except of course there was spaghetti my sister would always make, waiting in the table getting cold. I told my sis this Christmas that I already got tired of eating spaghettis and salads. So we had fish instead and chicken adobo. Just like any other day. This New Year, I hope they too had a sumptuous celebration in Batuan.

Anyways, back to my great escape. Since my special appearance was not expected, my friend has to make some modifications. He has to shop for wine, knowing I am quite interested in gulping rather than eating. I was impressed.

They prepared spaghetti. But I could not, of course, say no. The menu for the night was simple but delicious. Spaghetti with tomato, ham and cheese sauce. Pineapple ham. Fruit cake, fruit salad and maja blanca for dessert. At 11 in the evening we devoured the food in the table leaving nothing for tomorrow.

And while the family was busy lighting their firecrackers that did not just cracked but boomed in the neighborhood, I had the bottle of wine to myself. We stayed in the streets for awhile watching the skies for the magnificent display of fireworks. When the rain started pouring, we got in. Them to bed while I nursed the remaining contents of the bottle till I fell asleep in the couch.

It was one of those peaceful new years I’ve celebrated and I haven’t thought of crazy things as much as done them. I felt the love and warmth a home should be providing me.

‘Tis a good day to start anew.


Chie said...

If only I could invite you at home during the holidays, I would gladly prepare your bed, of course, next to mine inside my room. However, we don't celebrate such occasions and since we don't, you couldn't find food on the table during noche buena or media noche. It is only my father who drinks on these occasions. You could always join him but it would be wise not to. But... I could always welcome you and make you feel at home Koy, home away from home...

Edik said...

Thank You!