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19 March 2009

Bragging and Neruda

I bragged about my Paypal account. 

I am earning some mighty dollars from blogging unknown products I haven’t had the chance to use. 

To put this bragging more of use, I decided to purchase something online. Now that’s cool, isn’t it?

I’ve wanted to own a Neruda book. Now this could do a lot of bragging.

Neruda search online.

There you go.

Basic Anthology of Pablo Neruda.

Only a few dollars. Cool.

I ordered. They don’t do deliveries in the Philippines.


I tried another site.

The manager emailed me that they could deliver in the Philippines! I thanked God. He gave me a quotation. I was aghast! My Paypal could not pay the total amount!

I sulked. Sour grapes.

I will just go to Fully Booked and read Neruda from there.

Sweet lemons.

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