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24 March 2009

The New Face of Manny Pacquiao

And the 5 peso bill is just a kind description of what Manny Pacquiao really is and what he wants.


Dollywood says- When Manny Pacquiao unceremoniously bolted GMA 7 and went back to ABS-CBN, it hit me that, although the “Pambansang Kamao” unites the country during his boxing fights, he divides the networks all the more.

Shouldn’t a national icon like himself give access and rights to air his matches in all networks? Or does it all boil down to money for Manny?


Pacquiao cornered by ABS-CBN, GMA 7, Solar

Then he changed his mind.


Tommy Manotoc says- I’d like to look at Pacquiao’s actions in a different context, in a different light. He was inclined to do such things because circumstances forced him to do so.

I’m not apologizing for him, but in trying to understand his actions, I have come to one conclusion: Even for a fighter of his caliber, he cannot win everything.

Pacquiao has become a victim of his own selfishness, his own greed. Not for money, mind you, but for power and attention—things that some people simply cannot live without.

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