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17 March 2009

Stupid Drivers

I did not know there was a jeepney strike in Cebu yesterday until someone told me about it.

The reason? The drivers were protesting the almost 500-percent increase in fines and penalties of traffic violations!

I was shocked. I know they are just drivers. And drivers rule the streets. But protesting heavy fines and penalties for their violations just proved that they would want to violate traffic rules. And such a stupid action! These simple-minded entities showed how moronic their minds are.

No wonder Mayor OsmeƱa said- I don’t know what they are talking about? We have drivers who want fines to be affordable. What's wrong with them? If they want it to be affordable, they should follow the rules. I don't think that the rules are so strict that it cannot be complied with. What's the whole point of enforcing traffic if we give them a situation for them to continue to violate? (Quoted from Cebu Daily News)

What is happening to the world?

Picture grabbed from Christian Jorg's Picase Web Albums

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