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12 March 2009

Gay Marriage in Bohol?

And so I thought Bohol is one of the conservativiest (sic; only to prove that Bohol culture is one of the most conservative in the country) people in the Philippines. 

I was googling articles from Bohol when I saw this one. HERE COMES THE GROOMS! I know that Ken Andan. Yes, that gay I've met in one of the eyeballs of the boholsex chatters. I never thought this would come that far. A gay marriage in Bohol! And Steve Caruso as minister? Well- in what powers can he administer that ceremony? Excuse me, but I am no longer familiar with the ins and outs of Bohol since I left there 3 years ago. Has Steve been confirmed a ministerial duty from some sect?

This indeed is an interesting development from my province.

Cong. Adam Relson Jala to lead guests, Steve Carosus will be the ‘officiating priest’ and Raul Gatal will be the wedding host.

Surprise, surprise! Fabulous and classy socialite, handler and travel consultant Kenneth “Mizken” Tirol Andan is getting married. Yes! This piece of information is shared by a Bared reader (who also sent some undated pictures) with a message “It’s about time that Mizken is able to talk about his plan freely and his partner Alvie Torillo Gonzales!”

The soon-to-be-couple will exchange “I do’s” (but they call it “ring vows”) on March 22, 2009 (Sunday) at the Harbor View, Bohol Tropics Resort, this city. 

“Everything is ready. They have already paid for the place and the guests are informed already,” the “anonymous” sender said. 

On the other hand, “Cong. Adam Relson Jala and other friends are definitely invited to the wedding,” a friend, who is close to the couple, squeals. “Mizken wants Steve Carosus to be the minister. Steve was also the officiating minister to the wedding of Blaire and Patrick in Panglao.”

Mizken and Alvie have been going out for quite some time, and when Mizken (then choked back tears of joy) announced the news that he’s getting married to his friends, they cheered wildly. Whatever, if any, controversy this creates, Mizken is used to it. Mizken famously "came out" after a promising singing and acting career on ABS-CBN when he was a teen and has been as open as anyone about being gay since then in Bohol. 

Earlier, Mizken told friends he was "thrilled" about tying the knot. He’s so excited 
and emotional now. He can’t imagine how that's going to be and they want it to be memorable. 

"We are happy for them…Di bah we all deserve the same rights?" a friend said. 

The invited guests and luminaries (yes, friends of the couple to be) who will give their inspirational speeches are Cong. Adam Jala, Jerber Mercado, Dr. Aileen Tan, Dennis Du, Loida Lagonoy, fashion icons EJ Relampagos, Maximiel Tallo, Henry Baron, Jan Del Valle, Baba yap, Ron Tan, Eric Ngo, Cathy Remperas, LJ Lumayag, Lalaine Husain, couple Jimabel Magallo-Ramirez and Geraldine Ramirez and Leizl Lim Gregorio.

Raul Gatal will be the master of ceremony, while Steve Carosus will be the officiating priest/minister. 

It is not clear if what Mizken has to wear during that memorable day. He has invited fashion designers. However, the guests are advised to wear all white and should wear black slippers or black sandals only. Wearing of gowns, Americana, leather shoes, high heels and rubber shoes are strictly prohibited. 

The couple-to-be thank their parents for teaching them the true meaning of friendship, trust and most importantly, love. 

Gay marriage has become a hot-button issue in this country. In the US, the gay marriage ban was lifted and Ellen DeGeneres took the chance to marry actress Portia de Rossi. So is George Takei. And Rosie O'Donnell married Kelli Carpenter. 

For the skeptics, gay marriages will not happen in Bohol but there are actually gay marriages held in Bohol— and are getting popular! In 2005, a gay marriage between two women was held in Panglao conducted by the Gahum Philippines, Inc. with the late founder Tonette Lopez). Another gay marriage between two men (a local beauty and an American) was held last year. A marriage between two women (who came from two prominent families) was cancelled two years ago—yet the couple lived happily together. Most of these gay marriages are done privately because they’re not given the chance to jump at the chance to walk down the aisle. 

In the Philippines, gay marriage is illegal but if two people who make the pledge to love each other has a binding force and effect equal to that of a law.

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