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11 March 2009


Ryan Racal, the Star in a Million contestant from Cebu, was in my compound last night. He was invited by a neighbor who also has some gay guests coming over. Ryan called me up to join them in their drinking session.

While the Red Horse was about to stop flowing and waiting for replenishment, we went inside the house of my neighbor and they started doing a karaoke session (which I don't really actually like).

The gay guy from Bohol told Ryan to sing a song. That was okay. But when Ryan started singing and stopping in the high notes (bitin nga) excusing himself he could not reach the high notes because he was having a dry cough, the gay guy started fidgetting in his seat. He told Ryan he was a great fan. I had a crush on you on TV. That was normal because Ryan has the looks. I voted for you during the Star in a Million. Hmm okay. And while Ryan was still singing he told the group- Hey I spent 500 bucks worth of cards and text messages so I can vote for you so sing me more songs!

The professional Ryan Racal just smiled at him but I can see the disgust in his look.

I don't know if the gay guy has manners. I also don't know if it was proper to tell a singer he owed you something because you voted for him. Ryan never asked that he should vote for him although it was much appreciated that he did. But in the first place, Ryan was not there to perform for us. It was just plain disgusting that gay! Sabunutan ko sana

Sensing my disgust, the gay guy smiled at me. I didn't. He approached and asked me if I knew him. 

No! was my curt answer. 

I went back to my pad.


kg said...

some people can be so dense...what happened to manners and poise?

Edik said...

oo nga eh. dense with their idiocy.

bigla na lang akong kinumbida ni ryan to go to a japanese eat all you can at nagpakabusog kami dun hehehe.

good thing.