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13 March 2009

Idol got bashed

Kanye West is not the best singer in the world, not even ONE of the best. But his Heartless and Love Lockdown are two of my favorite tracks. It is rumored that he does collaboration with known and up and coming singers so he could ride with their popularity. He lip-synced his performances, almost everyone told me.

Lately I saw an article bashing him for his "mentoring" act at American Idol. On what basis, according to the writer, should Mr West mentor fresh talents like that of American Idol? WIth American Idol contestants taught previously by Burt Bacharach, Barry Gibb, Gwen Stefani, Stevie Wonder, etc., "(Kan)'Ye would certainly be in good company if that were the case...but then again, all of those people can, you know, actually SING. Kanye giving vocal pointers to this season's American Idol hopefuls would only be appropriate, really, if this week's theme was Auto-Tunes Night." Lyndsey Parker in her Reality Rock music blog was not amused.

If Kanye West could have been in the audition stage of the show, he could not get past Simon Cowell with the way he performed and "the only way he would have ended up on American Idol would've been in a bad-audition blooper-reel montage." Ouch!

I don't have TV and so I rely YouTube for clips on what's in and out of the buzzworld. And indeed, Mr West's performance at the AI is quite hmmm, to borrow his song, Heartless. Double OUCH!

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