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30 March 2009

To the South

Nothing to do is just a boring and life-threatening moment for me. When you are alone and emotionally wreaked and wallowing in that frustration, nothing to do or bumming or just plain laziness could get me somewhere I don't want to go.

So my former housemate and a friend decided unexpectedly, to go south of Cebu, and just do explorations to places we heard about but not too familiar with, last weekend.

First stop- Carcar, the shoe(s) capital of Cebu (or in the country?). There was a big shoe displayed in their shoecase area perhaps to gain attention out of Guiness World Records. We didn't know if the shoe got recognized. But one thing I am sure is, the shoes in Carcar are not something to be proud of. In fact, the ones displayed in their showrooms were out of style, of low quality leather, hard to the sole and not wearable. At least for me.

Seeing that, we went to their downtown area which I believed has more interesting things to see. And indeed I was more than impressed. The old houses, the architectural grandeur of Carcar long time ago still preserved to this day (although some are really deteriorating), the chicharon and some delicacies worth buying, these made up over my frustration with the Carcar shoes, slippers, whatever you may call them.

After some touristic activities, taking photos to be specific, we decided to stay longer in the area and asked directions towards the beaches, instead of our plan to proceed to some towns after Carcar. The people in Carcar seemed not interested to promote their beaches and instead gave us names of famous resorts frequented by tourists. Not in Carcar of course, mind you, but somewhere far from their town. Talking about Pride of Place huh!

I asked where Valladolid or Villadolid is. They said the place is not okay but a tricycle driver offered to take us there for a fee of P20 per person and promised to wait for us. We hitched his ride.

Indeed the place he brought us was not the best. The resort (I even forgot the name of the place) was covered in concrete and looking like a fortress rather than a resort. Everywhere we saw rocks. Good heavens, the sea is even way way far and maybe was in its lowest tide. The food they could offer were some junkfoods (tsitserya as we call them) and soda. Ewwww. And it was a resort. I resorted to smoking instead.

Anyways, the sunset was fantastic and the place really was silent and remote. Truly worth a break from the city life.

We went home reminiscing Carcar. And maybe next time proceed to some towns far far south.

It was just the beginning.

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