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02 March 2009

The Closed Door

2 AM. The rain started pouring down. Just like me. Down.

I opened my door.

The past weeks this door have always been closed. Per request. I hate closed doors, actually. They signify unwelcome gestures. They limit your vision of the outside world. But because I wanted to change I have them closed.

I stepped out. I felt the rain. Its coldness dampened my face. The cold rain. The cold air. My cold heart. Perfect cinematic effect.

I started walking towards the Capitol. Cebu's air suddenly felt so fresh.

So refreshing. Walking in the rain. I just walked, walking where ever my feet brought me. My head became a mindless entity. My feet did the thinking.

Thirty minutes of rain surely have dampened me. The tears were washed away. Gone.

I breathed again.

I went inside C24 to get a beer. I drank the icy coldness when Samson played on the radio. I love you first. I love you first. I choked. I've cried so many a tear tonight.

When I came home, I forgot I left my doors open. Not minding at all. If robbers have come, sure they could take everything they want. I have nothing anymore. But then again I was just paranoid. Somebody was paranoid! Nothing was taken. Opened, no doors of course were broken. I was the only one broken. Into million pieces.

I slept with my door opened. I will move on.

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kg said...

nothing like a soak in the rain to refresh our spirits.

have a great week edik!

Edik said...

you too Grace. thanks.

Sidney said...

Ah love...