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21 August 2008

The Composition of Semen

My gosh! I've been ejaculating and sharing my semen for so long but I didn't know its composition.

Not until now. For those who also did not know, here it is:
  • water
  • aboutonia (what the hell is this)
  • ascorbic acid (vitamin C)
  • blood-group antigens
  • calcium (yes, just like milk!)
  • chlorine (add your own little contribution to the cleanliness of that hot tub!)
  • cholesterol (not specified if this is bad cholesterol or good cholesterol)
  • citric acid, creatine, deoxyribonucleic acid, fructose (is that sugar?), glutathione (hmm ladies, take note), hyaluronidase, inositol, lactic acid, magnesium, nitrogen
  • phosphorus and potassium (indeed, it is for fertilization, or bomb material?)
  • prostaglandins (fatty acids that perform hormone-like functions)
  • purine, pyrimidine, pyruvic acid
  • sodium (we need that when we sweat a lot)
  • sorbitol (a laxative), spermidine, spermine
  • urea, uric acid (that doesn't sound great, finally)
  • vitamin B12 and zinc (wow, sounds like multivitamins to me!)


Did you know that? NOW WE KNOW!

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