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16 August 2008

Rainy Saturday Night and All I want is One Cold Beer

After a brief meeting at the printing press, I have nothing else to do but breath. I told the people at the press I really need to drink or else I would hyperventilate. They laughed at me.

Honestly I have been in drought for a long time now. Maybe a bottle would drown me.

Last night, feeling restless I planned to go out and have a bottle or two. But the rain stopped me.

And as planned today, I walked home after some window-shopping at Robinson's when the rain made its unannounced entrance. How I wish I could drop in some cozy place and have beer but it was too early for the bars to open. I tried Shakey's but they only serve draft beer. I hate its taste!

So I walked home and let the rain drench me with the hope of washing away that thirst.

I was panting when I arrived home. The rain didn't quenched my desire for beer.

Damn! I thirst!

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