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23 August 2008

A Case of Stupidity from an OFW or Another John Estrada Wannabe

I don't know if this is plain stupidity or mockery of the security of our airports, Filipinos could not refrain from uttering the "bomb joke" despite big warnings inside terminal buildings/airports in the country and the many stories about its consequences.

One time, my sis who works as check-in in-charge at Cebu Pacific, asked an OFW whose heavy baggage did not include the bulky gold necklaces (3 pieces, o my gosh!) and rings, what was inside his checked in bags, the plain answer was BOMBA NA DAY (it's a bomb)! My sis, being a Boholano, asked him twice and informed him of the consequence of his answer. But still he insisted there was bomb in his baggage and laughed out loud. My sis press the alarm button and the OFW was surrounded by police officers in the airport.

In the end, it was the OFW who lost his game. He was not able to take his flight. He was brought to the police station to be booked and charged. He was crying asking for forgiveness from my sis because he was expected in KSA that day. The ever mataray sis only told him- Mibuto na Sir (It's all over).

When we were in foreign countries, Filipinos would cower in fear when asked about an item in the baggage. I wonder why we are so "courageous" only in our country and of all items, it is the bomb taken as our item of choice.


Here is another case-

OFW bound for Kuwait arrested for bomb joke

An Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW) was arrested for a grenade (bomb) joke while at the final stage of security procedures at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) Terminal 1 this morning.

Assistant General Manager for Security and Emergency Ret. Gen. Angel Atutubo identified the OFW as Joel Gonzales, 40, of Mambog, Bacoor Cavite bound for Kuwait. (Emphasis is mine so other people would know where the stupid crackers came from.)

Atutubo said Gonzales cracked a joke when he was asked by the staff manning the X-ray machine about the dark images that appeared on the computer screen.

Gonzales, in a loud voice, reportedly responded "it's a grenade." Members of the Philippine National Police (PNP) belonging to the 1st PICAS immediately held Gonzales and his two black bags for inspection.

Atutubo said the dark images that appeared onscreen were only personal effects wrapped in black plastic bags. No explosive was found.

Gonzales was brought to the Pasay prosecutor’s office and was charged under Presidential Degree 1727. He missed his Kuwait Airways flight at 9 a.m. -- Rudy Santos (Philstar News Service,

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