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04 August 2008

One Immediate Wish

If I have the money, I will buy new and/or other versions of karaoke songs available in the market. Why? Almost everyday since 2004, I kept hearing the same songs my neighbors have been singing in their karaoke machines.

I can almost tell which song would be played next.

And being against karaoke of any kind, I suffered silently in the mornings, late afternoons, early evenings and sometimes worst, at dawn when they still have the courage to belt out the worst songs I've even heard.

For Roxanne, that neighbor who is fond of Asin, Roxette, Abba- I will buy her Avril Lavigne's, Smashing Pumpkins', Eva Eugenio's, Ella May Saison. And maybe some Rod Stewart classics. I know she would love to make her voice croak like some frogs who got excited with the sudden rain.

For Lucien- I would like to buy him albums from Hillsong, Don Moen, Jars of Clay and some Bonjovi so that his boys would be praising the Lord instead on a Sunday.

This way I would be hearing a variety of songs from then on and won't mind if I hear a raspy voice, a bad diction, or a very bad interpretation of Josh Groban.

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