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24 August 2008

Rise and Shine!

Early morning walks on Sundays has been my fave thing to do unless when I am hung over from a night of drinking.

This morning I started late (almost 9) but the streets are still clear of traffic. Maybe because tomorrow is a holiday. All I can see are the remains of the night. Bottles. Garbage. Street kids still asleep in the pavement. The wind is seemingly fresh and blowing gently. A nice mood to start the day.

After a deluge of sweat already making my shirt wet, I stopped by Jollibee Mango for the usual practice of longganisa breakfast, hot chocolate and large pineapple juice. And of course, an update on what happened around Cebu and the world courtesy of a free newspaper from Jollibee.

A walk again towards Robinson's for a marketing chore and stopping by the stalls near the Capitol building for some fruits and buko juice before walking towards home completed my day.

Refreshing! Rise and shine...

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