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03 August 2008

I'm Getting Made Over By Lex Betonio

I have been wishing for a personalized Multiply theme that I can call my own. When a business contact at Multiply posted about sharing his talent by making over some pages he chooses, I readily sent a personal message in the hope of getting chosen. He called his project The Multiply Makeover Project.

Indeed I was lucky!

My request for my favorite color ORANGE and favorite icon THE SUN came into life with Lex Betonio's artful rendition of a theme based on AVLACK (this is also a Pinoy design). I was more than impressed! My Multiply suddenly has life. Mayabang ang dating! Very cool despite its hot colors. Very me.

Thank you very much Lex Betonio!

This will be my permanent Multiply theme.

My Multiply site can be seen here or fllow the link at the right- Go To The World and Multiply.

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