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14 August 2008

Fake Fireworks at Beijing 2008: Does It Matter?

It turns out that so many people from around the world were not aware that some fireworks displayed during the opening ceremonies of the Beijing 2008 Summer Olympics were digitally made.

But does it matter?

To me it does.

For one, the Chinese government should be highly commended for that move for environmental and health reasons. A polluted city like Beijing have been the cause for alarm before the Olympics really started. One less pollutants.

Two, the Chinese are digital savvies no other country, I think, could overpower. The precise "footprints" of the supposed fireworks during the opening was very cool. No other nation could have done that.

Third, people from around the globe were entertained by the fireworks and the technology used.

Anyways, the Games is all about camaraderie and brotherhood and that whatever they did with the opening ceremonies is not all what Olympics is all about. The spirit of the Games will live on.

Long live China!

Photo by Erich Schlegel

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