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26 August 2008

What Happened to that DJ Montano-Brian Gorrell Blog?

Remember when it became a sensation? Thousands of hits a day! Wow, that was a blogger's dream come true.

It all began when a Brian Gorrell was sucked out dry of his dollars galore because he was stupid enough to trust and fell in love with a con-artist Delfin Montano. How we loved the juicy bits and pieces, sometimes coming in bulk so that we choke on the revelations.

But when I visited Gorrell's blogspot, I noticed that aside from his money making activities, maybe to compensate his loss, he rarely talks about his quest for the return of the money Montano fleeced him out. (By the way, where goes the contributions of the readers?) And sometimes, even if he was talking about his dogs or Boracay or the garden or anything under the sun, (get's mo?), he would "blahbber" about Montano, to justify his original purpose. But of course it's no longer convincing enough. Meaning, he is out of context. And visiting his site is quite, hmmmm, boring.

Gone were the days when he fed us with rumors about the Gucci Gang, whom I happened to know only from Gorrell. Well- I am not richy-rich, damn!

Gone were the days when his website shows amateurism and sometimes pathetic creating a consoling response especially from Filipinos who love dramas. (Aside from the fact that he is HIV positive.)

Gone were the days when he talked all about getting back his money.

Now he is just a plain blogger. Just like me.

And surprise- he transported his blahggings at Does this prove that Multiply has more readers?

The lovey-dovey pics courtesy of Gorrell's blogspot

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