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28 August 2008

Now in the Enchanting Island-

My expanded network has allowed me to visit places in the country and around the world.

This time... SIQUIJOR.

This is my fourth time actually but Siquijor is always a welcome sight to behold.

From Tagbilaran, I took OceanJet this morning to Dumaguete before going to the island. There is no direct fast craft early in the morning. When I arrived Dumaguete almost 2 hours after, I have to run and catch up with Delta Fast Ferries (about P160) which would be sailing in a matter of minutes.

I don't why Siquijodnons always bring bulky things when traveling. Maybe because they are in an island? I have to share with mountains of bags when I rode the ferry. And right before my eyes, a whore-like woman seems to be magnetized by the foreigner friend she is with. They kept smooching right in the public. I was hoping she was not a Siquijodnon or else my mind would create more unbelievable scenarios Siquijodnons would hate. A big baggage indeed.

Arrived here and wow...

I don't know what magic Siquijor accords to its visitors, but everytime I come here I am always feeling at home and at peace with myself. Maybe it is true after all that this is really a land of enchantment for I am enchanted for sure.

The usual tag for Siquijodnons (as they are called) is mamamarang (I don't know the exact translation of this but it reminds me of voodoo activities). But being here I can always say that they were unfairly mislabeled gentle people.

Siquijor is a clean island and slowly trying to blend in with the outside world.

(Please see my Siquijor shots at this link here.)

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