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16 August 2008

A Rejoinder to the Study that Drinking Can Make Anybody Attractive

That's right: It's not just for breakfast anymore—at least not in the U.K., where the WSJ reports beer brands are "reaching out to a largely untapped [get it?] group," women. As a result, pubs will begin carrying more female-friendly brews, from Blue Moon to a new one called St. Edmunds. Why the push? In short, British brewers have long catered exclusively to men, thus neglecting half the population ("We've done something fundamentally wrong here," says one male exec). And good news: Something tells us lads stand to benefit from this as well.

A verification that drinking can enhance eyesight? Or more specifically, making English ladies attractive in the eyes of drunks. Whoah! Now they are targeting women too so there could be mutual attraction. (See my previous blog on this by clicking here.)

I should be living in England. Hail to the Queen!

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