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17 August 2008

Nightmare of a Lifetime

The moon was up last night. I could have sat by the window and stare at it for long had not my neighbors been getting irritatingly noisy. I have to sleep early because I was drowning in the irritating ballads of the two gay lovebirds two apartments away from mine. I was wondering how could the nearer neighbors slept.

But I was thankful the other neighbor did not start her Asin renditions. Had it been the case, I would surely have gotten out my reserved firecrackers and throw them at their doors.

(Read my previous blog on these neighbors titled One Immediate Wish.)

And I've woke up early too because I dreamed Regine Velasquez singing right in my face and was swooned by her irritating voice too! I have to make an effort to wake up because I could not breath and I was falling!

I haven't slept til now.

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