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11 August 2008

Fix it Bench!

I went to Bench Fix Salon at Ayala Center Cebu last week to have my hair cut.

I must admit I easily get bored with repetitious activities. Haircut is one of them. Having been a permanent client at Maanyag downstairs in Ayala, I ventured to Bench in the hope of a good if not better service.

I arrived at the salon an hour before the mall started to close. The receptionist told me they are booked for the day. Impressive! I told myself considering that the mere haircut there is about P250 daw. But the receptionist told me they have no appointments in the first hour of the opening by the next day. So she booked me at 10 in the morning.

Not used to waking up early, I dragged myself out of bed just to get to Bench at 10.

When I arrived there, all personnel were supposed to be busy with something since the mall had just opened its doors, so they were nowhere to be found except that man wearing all black scrubbing the floor. I expected the receptionist to be there but nobody was in the area. I told the cleaning man wearing Bench Fix uniform I was there for an appointment at 10. He told me to wait.

30 minutes passed.

I told the man again that it was getting late. Wait lang sir, that was the repeated answer.

45 minutes.

I stood up and told him I would be back.

Surely, I was back. Not at Bench Fix Salon but at Maanyag's and see Nap smiling there, a barber's chair cleaned up and waiting.

Thanks God.

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