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21 October 2009


I am a loyalist. Whenever a person, a product or a company gives me complete service satisfaction, it would take me a longer time to change them. San Miguel Corporation, for example. Even if I was in Canada, I only drink their beer despite the price.

When I enrolled Smartbro two years ago, I always shamelessly recommend them and defend them when some people bashed them out because I was satisfied with their performance. Rain or shine Smartbro has provided what I expected them to provide- uninterrupted internet connection. 

That was before.

Lately, Smartbro has broken connections. Not once but many times. They cut me off for hours, sometimes a day! I thought they cut my connection which is most unlikely since I paid my bills. They gave me a good reason to wage war with their customer service reps but I am tired arguing with them.

I asked their service reps at their Smart offices and the usual spiel just like when you call their *1888 number- We are currently upgrading our service is blurted out. That was the reason given to me two years ago when I happened to have a slow connection one time.

What would you do to your most valued company when two years after, they are still upgrading their services? You may be thinking like they never really have improved since?


Anonymous said...

Hi we would like to help you regarding your Smart bro account. You can email us your account details and contact no at thank you
-Social Media Services - Smart Comminications

Anonymous said...

To Social Media Services - Smart Comminications DRONE,

What would be the point in contacting you? You are not changing your product's infrastructure. A temporary band-aid solution won't fix this recurring issue.. or did you forget that you can't control rain, other weather issues that affect your product, and the conjested bandwidth your sales department has been re-selling for years now. In conclusion, compared to many other wired services -- Smart Bro's infrastructure sucks, period.

-Yet another suffering Smart Bro customer