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09 October 2009

Transported in an alienated place

I woke up early this morning because I would be going to Aloguinsan, Cebu. I heard that place before but never really had an idea where and what kind of place was this.

And so off I went- we went, not mentioning we were fetched by the car of the Vice Mayor of that town.

Going there, I was amused actually because of the remoteness of the way. All the while I was thinking of my hometown, Batuan, but this was more remote and so provincial. You could see carabaos along the so called highway and nothing more. I never thought Cebu has still a place like this. Traversing the highway and all you meet was a carabao! Wow! I asked the driver where were the other cars. He told me we were on a different route.

When we arrived at the town proper, I was expecting also that few people would be there. I was wrong. This day was supposed to be payment day for VECO (that electric company). It turned out the market was busy because so many ukay-ukay that were sold.

Then we go up in one of the mountain villages to conduct a workshop for some selected students and community folks. We were actually at the top of one of the hills. No radio, no TV, no internet and almost no power had they not connected the wires from the other building a few meters away. Just the sun and some strong wind. Lovely.

When the day was done, we went to our hotel (a converted house actually which looked like abandoned yet new) and washed up. We had dinner in some carenderia and share the food with some cockroaches nearby. Yeah nobody seen them but I could smell them!

Aloguinsan was unusually silent. I thought there was no internet really in this God-forsaken place. Feeling bored staying in my room and staring at those copulating lizards, I decided to come out and looked for an internet cafe. Some disguised residential building just infront of the hotel turned out to be the hangout of kids playing Dota.

I went in. Here the place was much different from outside. Almost all of the units were occupied and even a long line of kids were waiting for their turn to play. Bombs exploded. Rock music blared. Everyone was shouting. Really, a very different place from the areas I visited this morning.

I lingered doing this blog even if the owner was always asking- One hour ra ka Sir? . The cost for an hour was just 10 pesos! My gash what a shame to those cafes in the cities.

I was hoping there was coffee here or somewhere.

(I will be uploading pics when I return to the city.)

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