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07 October 2009

Breakfast at Edik's

"I'm feeling so good. I feel like a million bucks. I'm focused, I'm alert, I'm zippy and top of my game.. I've never felt better! I'm sharp as a tack right now. And what's weird is that I didn't get a good nights sleep last night. And they say that's the most important thing.. Or is it breakfast they said?..That's the most important meal of the day, breakfast... yes. And then it's 'i' before 'e' I know that... Um... diamonds are a girl's best friend. Dog is a man's best friend... What was I talking about?... Oh that's right, that I feel great and I'm at the top of my game. And it's odd because I didn't get hardly any sleep last night. And, they say that's the most important thing."  -Ellen DeGeneres

A healthy way to start your day- a peanut butter and banana sandwich to go with your caffeine blast. Simple, easy and healthy. Why not try it?

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