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03 October 2009

My town also suffered from a deluge

Sometime this year, Batuan, an interior town and my hometown in Bohol suddenly caught itself in an unprecedented deluge. There was no storm forecasted. Or maybe my townmates were just numb to weather forecasts. They were unreliable anyway. It was just a steady rain.

Mother, always on a lookout especially when it rains because our house is a step away from a creek, my Mother who is much better than a meteorologist, started packing things and stored them on the second floor of our house. This was always the case everytime it rained.

Suddenly and without warning, a wave of muddy water invaded our home and almost all homes of Batuananons. Some of our appliances floated by. Nobody came to help because everyone needed help. My aunt shouted and cried because she was living alone at their house. Only when each home had their properties secured that they came and helped everyone.

There was only a local news to record the tragedy. No local government units came and offered help. Even the government officials of the municipality of Batuan turned a blind eye. No disaster coordinating bodies. No nongovernment organizations. Not even the national government's presence was there . There were no private sector offering ukay-ukay, sardinas, noodles or rice.

The day went by as if nothing happened. Just like the flood.

But we survived. They survived.

I was the only one whining. And I was in Cebu and not even affected by that flood.

(photo grabbed from Batuananon Friendster)

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