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22 October 2009

I was glad it was not pubic hair in our Chowking food

We went to Chowking Sto Niño in downtown Cebu last night past 7 in the evening to have our dinner after doing an urgent project at the printing press.

The head of the pre-press department ordered spareribs toppings and siomai, mine braised beef.

When we were about to finish the whole bowl, I heared Ma'am gasped. I asked why. At the bottom of her food was hair. Yes, hair. But all seemed useless. She already consumed 90% of the food.

And so I called up the attention of the cashier who was near. She got the hairy bowl and showed the cook shouting- Hoy Jonas tan-awa ra ni o (Hey Jonas see this one). She went back to us asking if we wanted replacement of the food. Yun lang.

Tired, having a big headache and avoiding too many confrontations, I suggested to Ma'am to just drink her iced tea. We left.

This was the hairy part.