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25 October 2009

DO NOT DELAY the already delayed Philippine government relief goods

“Judicious use of resources at the outset is imperative lest we face the situation of even greater want after a period of relative plenty. We at the DSWD wish to assure you that your trust in us is not misplace."
-DSWD Secretary Esperanza Cabral as quoted by
*** 10/27/2009

This is indeed disturbing to the maximum level. So many people have already been affected by the recent typhoons that visited the country and hundreds have died YET the Philippine government still thinks this is not yet the time to distribute the relief goods donated by entities from abroad.

I suggest that concerned persons, Filipinos in general and those that donated for the typhoon victims should read that blog. This is a first-hand information on what happened to your donations and what that government agency tasked to do social welfare have been doing, if any, at all. You're donations might be one of those "stored" for special victims. Who are they? Why are the food and other items not given to the victims? Why they claim no one volunteers to repack them?

Ella's title aptly asked: Aanhin pa ang damo kung patay na ang kabayo? Sagot ko: Baka ipakain sa rabbit?

(Pics grabbed from Ella's blog)

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