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02 October 2009

Cold and hungry while waiting for a super typhoon

Woke up at 5 in the morning and feeling cold and hungry. I wondered how my sister and relatives in Manila were feeling at this time. They still have not responded to my text messages. I have this feeling that they are doing fine. I am sure they are not dead yet.

I went out and had my breakfast at Jollibee. I miss my favorite breakfast beverage there- hot creamy chocolate so much so that I got 2-3 cups to ease my feeling of coldness.

On my way there, I saw this man at the corner. Happy, contented and not caring about the world. He was eating Jollibee. I saw a happy smile in him. I wondered if he has family. I wondered if he has a place called home. Because every day, even if there is a storm, I saw him in that area like he was living in this part of the street, selling cigarettes at daytime and covered with rags during the night. But now he seemed so happy.

I felt happiness inside me too. His happiness radiated to me.

I like Cebu during this time of the day. Cebu seemed quiet with less jeepneys plying in the streets. During early mornings you could really enjoy peace in the city. Less people. Less traffic. Someone was even burning dry leaves somewhere. I smelled it. Reminded me of home.

But the horizon was still gray and the winds were starting to pack. A super typhoon is expected again to ruin the country.

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