Search and You Shall Find in My World

15 October 2009

The entrapped transporter sighs

Have you wished yourself you'd be transported somewhere peaceful and be outside of the noise and conundrum of the city? Have you wished you would not be inhaling dirt but pure air? Have you wished for peace and quiet just for a minute or even a second in your life? 

I did and my wish was granted. 

But it did not took me so long to stay. The first day was torture. Much more when night came and went. I may reason out that the citylife has been imbedded in my psyche so that just by transporting myself to that ideal place was a struggle. A dream, a nightmare I wished it would not happen again.

I don't know why. 

That ideal place I went to seemed different. Very different. Everyone and every place seemed laidback. So laidback it seemed nobody was moving fast. The buffalos, the chickens, the goats. Even people were walking like they didn't care if it was the end of the world. No cold beers, no burgers. I could not even eat a decent meal because meal meant having a large slab of fried pork dripping in fat. That ideal place made me a prisoner of my room. I was left nothing to do but read my tattered book or took shower a hundred times more.

Or maybe someone was just waiting for me to be back...

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