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24 October 2009

I know I deserve a cholesteric morning

I was up all night and until the wee hours of the morning because my computer had a virus problem. Somebody put his removable disk on my port and it shattered my night.

I was so problematic I consumed my time calling and texting everyone with no answers to be found because my so-called techie friends did not reply back. My cousin Albert was the only person who gave me a temporary relief. Temporary because up to this time, I have more problems connecting to the internet.

So I said I deserved a Big Mac! And to justify my huge calorific intake, I walked down to McDonald’s from my place, about 2 kms away. One Big Mac, one regular French fries, one large pineapple juice and a refillable coffee for only 160 pesos completed my day.

Like a stuffed pig that I am, I slept soundly.

(McDonald's along Escario Street in Capitol area Cebu City is open 24 hours daily except Sundays when they end transactions at 12 midnight. This is the only McDo in Cebu where spacious parking is available. An open-air area for diners especially during evenings is likewise available, a good place to hang around with friends and people-watch. 

No. McDo did not pay me for this.)


kg said...

ang sarap naman! it's been a while since i last ate at macdo! yummiiee...not good for the body pero yummiee!!!

Edik said...

oo nga eh. minsan na kasi ako makakain sa kanila. bigla na lang health-conscious na ako hehehe.

thank you Grace for visiting my site always.

Isagani Sabado said...

edik... try the quarter pounder next time. mas dako sya sa bic mac. trust me mas bug-at sya sa tiyan and made to order pa jud kay tagsa ra mo order. like it fresh from the grill :d