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20 October 2009

A new experience at Jo's Chicken Inato

There is a good improvement at Jo's Chicken Inato at their Capitol Branch in The Boulevard. I actually blogged about their slow service in January 2008 (see this link: Jo's Chicken Inato is Consistent) and have been going back to that place quite satisfied.

Fikri and I have been there for about four times already, and last night Wrecks and I went to eat there again. Upon seating, a waiter readily took our order and informed us that it would take about 10-15 minutes for our order to come. That was actually good. A year ago, they would not answer you if you ask them where was your order.

I ordered for a baked scallops and was surprised to see only six of them forming a circle in a native tray and their signature papaya salad on the center. Well- with the price of just 88 pesos, I am very sure nobody would dare serve them in a dozen or two. But honestly their scallops tasted better than that of AA Barbecue.

We also ordered tinolang isda which was actually good. I love it when they put string beans in the soup. Reminded me of the way Mother would have her version of tinola in the house. I was wishing there was ginamos and lemonsito for the batong. The adobong kangkong was nice too.

But the grilled chicken was quite raw to my taste, some parts still reddishly raw to consume. But I did not complain. It was a new experience for me at Jo's.

We paid only 420 pesos for the tinola, scallops, 2 chicken set, kangkong and drinks of green mango shake and hot calamansi juice.

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