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05 October 2009

While you were out, I was chilling here...

I was invited to accompany a friend in a stay at the Waterfront Hotel over the weekend. He said he needed to sleep without disturbance, but would not stay at the hotel alone. Not having the nosy-type personality and would be lost in the wall if required, he dragged me along. He said I could go someplace if I would get bored myself in the room. All he would do is sleep.

But honestly, compared to my place, Waterfront is much much better. There was no comparison, actually.
  • My place has no aircon. Waterfront has rooms that were literally freezing.
  • My small sofa would double up as bed during the night. Waterfront has the coziest bed ever and lots of cozy chairs in their rooms.
  • My place has no TV. Waterfront has cable TV! And phones. And ref. And other free treats.
  • I pay my internet connection. Waterfront has free wifi connection.
  • My food choices were mostly composed of canned goods. Waterfront has free buffet breakfast worth drooling for.
So why should I say NO? But my, it was eXXXpensive.

While eating breakfast at Cafe Uno, my mind wandered around and came upon those who were affected by the typhoon. Call me hypocrite and numb and without a heart, but while eating I only thought of them. Just a thought. About them.

And while thinking, I saw the busboys throwing the ham, bread, pastries and some stuff I could not afford to have in my breakfast table, on the garbage can. Why? The people at Cafe Uno were not actually eating them. In my mind came a very big SAYANG! Why get them extra when you would not actually eat them?

How I wish I could ask for the leftovers and give them to the people outside the gates of Waterfront.

Hahayyy. Life is never fair.

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