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08 October 2009

When clients pull you down

I was asked by the printing press to do a layout for a client because, as is almost the case when they ask me to design, it was an emergency job. Emergency could mean they need it a day after, on the first hour; or right then and there.

Well, I have no immediate things to do so I took the materials over the weekend so I could work them at home.

I did not know that the client has a favorite layout designer at the printing press and he was already pressing him to do his project. He could not say no, the designer told me, because the client was very annoying, he said. How annoying, I have yet to know.

I went to the press later in the afternoon on Monday to submit my job. I was introduced to the client. So I opened my files for him to comment.

All I heard were-
I already had my layout. Please use them.
Don't use this because I don't like this.
You are using my pic. But it's okay.
This one I don't like.
I should not have accepted this project.
I am already tired.
I have problems with the materials.
Where is (the other designer)? Ask him about my approved layout.
I am already tired and hungry.
Where is my file? I have them here.
My sister has approved this already so this should be used.
I can not wait for (the other designer).
Blah blah blah.

If it was not rude enough, I could have stuffed my ears with some headphones or ear protector just not to mind him. He was babbling not with pure energy but all negative things about the project. My head ached and I felt drugged.

So I told the other designer and the head of the pre-press department that I have no choice but turnover the project to my fellow designer since he already has the layout which the client preferred. I do not like to start someone else's job.

The next day I came to the press once again and happened to chance by the client there and my friend designer. The client was babbling again on the phone telling everyone he suffered already with that project. Like he was crucified. Like he owned all the burdens of the world. In fact, I never heard an inspiring word from him the whole day he was in the office. The designer was also telling me he was slowly dying a very painful death. I felt his disastrous affair with the client.

And it was just a 20-page souvenir program project.

(pic grabbed from here.)

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