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26 October 2009

Club Ultima has seen better days?

Another food exploration time.

Fikri wanted to eat somewhere new and Club Ultima seemed to be the only place we have not eaten. So off we went there past eight in the evening.

The place was quiet even if it was a Saturday. Maybe we were already late with the crowds and not hoping that Cebu abandoned this old place. Cebuanos have this tendency to flock to new places thereby creating a temporary popularity of that place but abandon them when a new one would sprout somewhere. I hope this is not the case of Club Ultima.

But anyway, Club Ultima has seen its better days. I was there three years ago during its heydays. Rumor has it you could not come up there when you are not a member of the Club or a guest of a club member. I think it was not true. 

But the place seemed not interesting anymore. The lackluster place lacked personality as compared to when they were the in place. The comfort rooms were no longer that clean, a smell pervading the air hence they were not comforting. The tacky and dusty plastic plants hanging on the windows at the grill resto many floors up reminded me of a resort somewhere in Bohol. In the corner, a table was occupied by two women.

So we decided to try the Chinese resto instead.

Wang Shan Lo Restaurant looked shabby too. Already tired from going up and down, we settled to a table. The table was supposed to give us the best view of the city at night. "View" actually meant peeking through a space between a skeleton of a nearby building and the Crown Regency Hotel.

Fikri opted the 450 pesos buffet and I ordered dessert of almond jelly cups because I was not actually hungry.

Fikri did not eat much because the food was "just so-so," he said. Unusual for him because he usually "gorge" himself when he really love the food.

I did not finish my strawberry shake and the almond jelly cups because both were very very sweet a diabetic would have died right there and then. The yoghurt shake at KFC is much much better.

We paid our bills of 822.10 pesos (that was for one pax for buffet, one fresh mango juice, one shake, one almond jelly and service charge) and scratch the place for a possible return.

We were never given official receipts.

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